Predator in Possession | Jill Jones-Soderman talks to Katherine Hine, Esq | Episode 1 | 12 November 2016


“Predator In Possession” is meant to be a presentation that describes and documents the experiences of Protective Parents and subject children whom are caught up in court litigation which results in the transfer of children into the hands of their abuser (s). The areas of litigation include transfer of children through state agencies “child protective services” which incorporates the foster care system, psychiatric institutions / medical institutions that facilitate medical kidnapping, the prison system and any other agency or corporation meant to violate rights of victims and would be protectors from allegations of various forms of malfeasance, fraud, an all rights litigated under 18USC1512.

“Predator In Possession “ is a creation of the Foundation For The Child Victims Of the Family Courts, “Special Angels” Production Company, conceived in the spirit of a harmonious joining of energies to combat horrific crimes committed by craven criminals whom hide in the shadows, protected by dark forces of power and influence to cover unspeakable crimes. The veil of secrecy, caricatured as privacy protection under cover of court or medical records or Federal Rules of Evidence Hearsay Exceptions
(Business Records Exceptions that cover CPS), or omnipotence of the Immunity Statutes that cover judges, will not go unchallenged by the ever unfolding talents and resources of the FCVFC Forensic Evaluation, Publishing, Documentary Film production, technology development (Allegation Alley Ap).

The show will be publishing our list of subjects to be discussed, client “Experts by Experience” and Experts in Practice appearing on the show, in coming weeks. We look forward to beginning and evolving,

With love and hope to all,


On this first episode of Predator in Possession Jill is joined by Katherine Hine, Esq

An inactive attorney who practiced over 30 years in the courts of Oklahoma and Ohio, Katherine Hine is now with WLJA radio:, hosting weekly broadcasts exposing illegalities of forced psychiatry in Ohio and the consequences of our current lack of judicial accountability. She continues to serve as executive director of the Ross County Network for Children in Ohio, was instrumental in 2008-2009 in helping rid the City of Chillicothe, Ohio of its traffic cameras through citizen initiative, and has authored articles critical of forced psychiatry in the Columbus Free Press and one article addressing retaliation in the treatise: Expose: The Failure of Family Courts to Protect Children. She can be reached

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