We ask Dan Schreiber: is God in a Microbiome?



Dan Schreiber Owner of Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay
Dan Schreiber
Owner of Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay
Exploring consciousness by finding the expansiveness within
Exploring consciousness by finding the expansiveness within

Is God a Microbiome ? –

Eilish De Avalon
We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For is hosted by Eilish De Avalon.

Love slays the Demon and other psychoactive meanderings in the garden of earthy delights, where Dan Schreiber makes his presentation on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For.

Dan Schreiber owner of Byron Bay’s psychedelic nursery Starseed Gardens shares his current view points to an ultimate biologic battle occuring on many dimensions simultaneously and the prize is the Earth and all its resources including human awareness and attention. The ‘psychologic parasite’ that has been praying on humanity for thousands of years is being exposed, and it is switching to a more intensive strategy as humans awaken to participate in the final stage of a ancient prophetic duel. Some say we are battling against our shadow and others see this conflict as external. In this program we will explore

1] the ancient microbiological system that was designed to download energy, protect and provide neurochemistry to all life on the planet.
2] Cosmic nutrition and the function of the planetary ‘machine’ to feed the Sun
3] Current lever technologies and earthimagineers to grow a loving planet with a solar economy
4] the custodial role of the human curator beings on the planet….. and other twisted tales of Tao!

Is God in a microbiome

Is God in a micro biome?


Creative Director, Starseed Gardens in Byron Bay New South Wales, Australia, since 2005. Gardener, visionary, father, inspirational storyteller, speaker and lecturer.

His most recent direction is exploring systems of perpetual renewal and designing human interfaces to enable harmonic human communication, relationship and custodianship of the natural world. Dan is a professional photographer, videographer and multimedia producer. He is a self-taught herbal healer, ecologist and landscape gardener with a forte for creative direction and vision. His work with organic plant growth enhancers is on the cutting edge of increasing plant and soil biota health to support the flowering of human awareness via vibrational nutrition.