Resilient Leaders Foundation: training tomorrow’s leaders


The horrors of serving in an overseas war that should never have been, the pain of separation from the family, the ever-shifting dynamics of the family unit, sexuality, pressures on relationships and gender roles, dealing with PTSD and other invisible wounds, James Greenshields and his wife Kirsty have been on an inspirational healing journey that has not only inspired them, but they’ve now turned to training countless others to become the leaders of tomorrow.

12439520_10153337310668365_9203741246951241480_n-768x598They speak candidly about their journey on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For with hostess Eilish De Avalon on Monday Feb 6, 2017 11pm GMT/ Tuesday Feb 7, 10 am AEDT.

In 2009, Kirsty and James created the vision for Resilient Leaders Foundation, which is to provide young people with the personal and interpersonal skills, resources and structures they need to contribute to a more sustainable humanity and planet.

Together as a dynamic team, they have touched hundreds of thousands of Australians with their open-hearted approach to life, and their positive example of how to live a life of impact. They met while both serving as officers in the Australian Army. Kirsty left the military to pursue a career in health, and created a successful naturopathy practice.

James retired from military service in 2010, after returning from Iraq in 2006/7, as the commander of 100 troops. During his tour, his armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. When he returned, aside from being littered with shrapnel, most of his wounds were unseen. He experienced severe depression and post traumatic stress. This began the couple’s process of healing, which inspired them to eventually help others to heal.

Their feel good story of recovery, and relationship growth in the face of adversity, has featured on the Huffington Post, ABC News, NBN News, The Australian Weekend Magazine, Marie Clare, and Queensland’s Courier Mail. They’ve helped transform the lives of 1000’s of individuals who have attended their workshops, and assisted several medium and large Australian organisations best inform emotional wellbeing and manage transition processes.

They now run their Warrior programs for men, women and young people, and are training others to do the same.

Their family saw them through the dark days, the mud, and provided reason, support and the love to firstly recover, then grow to not just survive, but thrive. Building a strong sense of community with likeminded people has enable them to do the work they’ve done so far, and will be the foundation for their work into the future. Family and Community have therefore become central to the operations of the Resilient Leaders Foundation.

They have a particular interest in the shift in masculinity and how it’s affecting the family unit, detaching from a patriarchal paradigm to a balanced one including the roles of both men and women on this journey to raise our collective consciousness.

Resilient Leaders Foundation Mission:

Provide Young People, their Families, and their Communities with the personal and interpersonal skills, resources and structures they need to contribute to a more sustainable humanity and planet.

Foundation Vision: Resilient communities alive with conscious and emotionally intimate families, providing support to the younger generation to find and live their purpose. This is supported by a web of elders and warriors, who are rich in a deep understanding of self and they share with their youth.



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