We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For – Santos Bonacci vs Trolls


As a broadcaster on alternative media I am no stranger to investigating scandals, outrageous accusations and targeted individuals so when an explosive Facebook thread was slipped onto my desk I was shocked, because it was discussing a man I know personally in real life, the controversial, opinionated fellow Santos Bonacci.

Our friendship goes back to 2010 when we first met at Malcolm McClure’s weekend Common Law and Constitutional Law workshop in Melbourne, when we were study-buddies together. Santos was dealing with toll fines and I was dealing with a traffic incident which I will speak more about on the show for people who haven’t yet heard me speak about it.


Ever since that weekend workshop Santos Bonacci and I have kept in touch, we’ve broken bread together, having been at the family home for his birthday, interacting with him on many occasions, attending his public lectures, having eaten his wife’s organic raw vegan delicacies and having met the extended family at his Melbourne home. Santos has also been a guest on CCN on my show twice, therefore I’m pretty confident I know this man, who he is and who he isn’t.

While I may not always agree with how Santos handles certain social situations, because he’s a lot more fiery than I am, I would still feel comfortable about leaving my children with him, he has always been a consumate gentleman around me. Yes I’ve seen his temperamental side online too but I also know the personal pressure he’s had on his shoulders that he never speaks about. I know how he’s referred to a fellow broadcaster Jan Irving, when being criticised for his Flat Earth Theory. Personally I am more hollow-earth theory myself, but I give a platform to those who in their research have come to other conclusions so that viewers can make up their own minds. In regards to his famous Mediterranean temperament, I do not condone bad language ever, so I’m not here to defend Santos for his outbursts, that’s between him and his karmic ties to sort out.

But there’s one thing being a fiery Italian man mouthing off and another thing altogether to be labelled a homosexual paedophile who downloads child porn, that’s a whole other box of dice. And of course, the favourite weapon that unevolved people in the alternative movement are throwing at one another that REALLY pushes people’s buttons is the carelessly thrown around paedophile label. I know how it pushes my buttons and I’m no defender of paedophiles, I’d rather see them all named and shamed, and justice served but the danger with social media is that sometimes, if someone doesn’t like someone else, they’ll throw the stinkiest mud in the playground with no evidence.

Well the biggest stink on the alternative media circuit is the topic of paedophilia and what that entails, including child porn, child sex slave trafficking and the easiest way to harm someone if you don’t like them is to accuse them of something hoping that people will think “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. We expect it from the establishment that has blackmailed every member of itself but when aimed at one of our own it’s still shocking and deserves examining and if we have to hang one of our own for what we condemn the establishment for, then so be it. Even the alternative movement has been infiltrated by these creeps, what a shame though when innocent people are accused. I spoke with Santos over the weekend when this scandal first blew up and he’s quite open to face his accuser, and has willingly agreed to come onto the show to clear his name and we at CCN afford all our guests the opportunity to set the record straight and see justice done. Santos is currently investigating legal channels to sue the accuser for slander, more about that in our interview.

People around me on the alternative media circuit that have been falsely accused of paedophilia include the now infamous Zen Gardner slander campaign that first came out of a former broadcaster Randy‘s “guilt by cult association” delusions, Navy Seal 9 whistleblower Bill Brockbrader who was never diagnosed as a paedophile in a court of law even though government paid troll Don Shipley thought he’d know better, CCN’s own Hope Girl who was accused of being a paedophile by false free energy/Gans scammer Keshe. Now Astrotheology, Syncretism and Flat Earth proponent Santos Bonacci‘s name has been added to the list by an accuser by the name of Angela Simmons who no one on her friends list happens to know in real life.

At first I could read the thread on her public Facebook discussion but she has since blocked me after I invited her to come onto the show and bring forth her evidence. Trust me, if she can produce prima facia evidence, bring forth witnesses, testimonials, any evidence whatsoever, I’m happy to bring it out in a public forum but she has blocked any communication. I will share screen shots of my dialog inviting her for the public record.

If I even suspect someone is truly a paedophile I take my intel to police and to Child Protection, and I’ve reported a few people who’ve come to me in my clinic with paedophile tendencies or who have children at risk in their home. I’ve even created a Facebook group to name and shame all those in the elite paedophile circles called Expose The Ring which readers are welcome to join (if you have authentic profiles).

In the spirit of bringing truth to this public forum I hereby publicly invite Angela Simmons to contact me privately via email at info@eilishdeavalon.com or on Skype Eilishgoddess and I’ll give her the zoom.us room number to join Santos and I on Tuesday morning 10 am Melbourne time. If anyone of you actually know the real identity of the Facebook user known as Angela Simmons could they also let her know I’m inviting her to please produce evidence because I’m open to giving everyone a fair hearing.

If she has evidence, witnesses, photos, anything to back up her claims, she’s invited to bring it to the show as our guest. I am opening this up for a free exchange, if she does turn up I will give her a fair hearing and also Santos the right of response to the allegations. If she refuses to turn up and doesn’t produce any evidence, then I will be interviewing Santos alone to address the nature of these allegations and to ask him who he suspects might be the author behind this troll posting.

Not only has she attacked Santos on that low-brow level but she’s also gone on to attack Santos’ marriage without any clue of what’s been going on in his personal life, so I’ll be asking Santos to respond to the attack on his marriage too.

“Angela” has gone on to attack John Russell, Jordan Maxwell and myself in the same thread and I’ve got a solid lead on who we think this is coming from, however, at the time of the publishing of this article she has not responded to my invitation but has rather blocked me from any further dialogue. She’s also admitted that her name is not Angela so friends have reported the profile to Facebook authorities. I will also answer her allegations against me, so stay tuned to the upcoming show.

Tune in 10 am Tuesday AEDT, Monday 11 pm GMT to Santos’ response to these allegations and hopefully “Angela” will come out of the woodwork and bring further any evidence she has to back her allegations, LIVE on CCN’s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For. Let’s see if she turns up.