We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For: with Margaret Cross


Join Eilish De Avalon as she speaks with her spiritual mother Margaret Cross, as they talk about the current paradigm shift and what Margaret forsees happening on a multi-dimensional level.

Margaret Cross is a Grandmother and Medicine Mumma who has like so many others experienced an extraordinary transformation that has awakened her to her true identity and put her on the path to working with a number of Master teacher plants in the quest to assist and support people who have been awakening in greater and greater numbers over the last few years.

She and her partner both carry an ancient wisdom and spiritual authority although they consider themselves to be truly average human beings.

Margaret has used her considerable education (Master in Criminology) and teaching abilities to run profoundly Life Altering Retreats. She is sought after as a speaker, teacher and spiritual compass by all her tribe.

At this time she is fully focused on supporting her community to transition the most profound and challenging times in human history. Spirit has given her insight and understanding that are truly necessary to share as we race towards the transformation of everything we know.

Margaret is Eilish’s spiritual mother and elder within the Plant Medicine Community, and is now based outside of Sydney at a Healing Retreat.

Margaret has had her own radio show on Nimbin Community Radio NIM FM called Magic Mumma Medicine Radio Show and ran for years, Margaret has featured in several workshops and speeches at Australian Festivals and did the Mother Earth Welcome To Country speech at Rainbow Serpent Festival a few years ago. She’s an outspoken defender of our natural freedoms to use Natural Earth Medicines and is deeply in touch with her indigenous roots into Pachamamma, a staunch defender of all that is pure, wild, natural and free.


Tune in live Wednesday morning 8 am to 10 am for a live chat with Margaret and Eilish as they discuss the coming paradigm changes here on CCN’s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For.