We are the ones we have been waiting for | 13 February 2017


On this week’s show of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, Eilish catches up with friends Maya Larissa and Eva Moore, previous guests on the show, who are doing their bit to help humanity heal, awaken and to have a kinder relationship to the earth as Conscious Consumers.

In the first hour Eilish De Avalon interviews Maya Larissa about her crowdfunding campaign to get to the US and Mexico to support her campaign to work with entheogens to heal humanity and conserve the communities who are custodians of these sacred substances for the healing and awakening of humanity.

Im Maya’s own words:

“I have been dedicated to the integration of intuitive & quality information within the entheogenic community for more than 15 years.

As a moderator of the world-wide Ayahuasca Forum; co-founder of the largest online group focused on collating Bufo Alvarius Toad & 5-MeO-DMT testimonials and information; collaborator in various essential & yet to be announced projects with an international team; as well as a holistic practitoner in service to personal & planetary healing – I have harnessed the Lunar New Year of the Phoenix to launch myself publicly & to introduce my mission to a wider community.

Focusing on ethics & the role of entheogen as evolutionary catalysts; the responsiblity of those in positions of service & the authentic recognition of self responsiblity required by the recipient; as well as integration & sustainability practices – are all topics I am inspired to discuss in the form of presentations & through meetings with peers.

As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran whom, after a remarkable life & career succumbed himself to the act of suicide, I am personally inspired by the notable benefits of psychedelics regarding the treatment of PTSD.

As a survivor of sexual abuse, I am an advocate for the intelligent application of nature’s medicines & psychedelics in regards to the treatment of depression, suicidal tendencies, debilitating dis-ease & drug addiction.”

Maya aims to attend the Psychedelic Science Conference in April, and the Exploring Psychedelics Conference in May, where she intends to present her perception of current events & pertinent topics.

From America she will travel to Mexico, where she plans to meet with other colleagues focused on developing community awareness & action projects; with an emphasis on sustainability & sacrament, in regards to the ethical harvesting & use of the Bufo alvarius toad gland secretion; considered natures primary source of 5-MeO-DMT.

To fulfil these opportunities, she must swiftly raise funds to afford the expenses of travel and other conference-related costs, as well as cover initial requirements related to the foundational establishment of a Bufo Alvarius Toad Conservation project focused on ensuring culturally sustainable practices in South America & the Sonoran Desert of Mexico, as the popularity of this sacrament grows exponentially.

In addition, Maya supports the completion & release of the long awaited documentary OTAC The Sacred Ancient Medicine Ceremony that will assist in raising awareness of the impact this fast booming entheogenic culture is having on the environment, the individual & upon humanity as a whole. This documentary is bound to dispell many of the myths & misunderstandings that are currently entertained among the entheogenic community. Supporting fact over fiction is indeed her mission here.

“As a woman, I am often offered reflections of gratitude for my feminine, compassionate & Gaia-oriented approach to shamanism & Nature’s Medicines, in what has until now been a male-dominated culture.

I am also recognised as one who yields a sword – akin to Durga – I slice through illusion for the sake of authenticity, integrity & quality. If we are to progress not just efficiently, but also beneficially with the pursuit of sacrament & mind altering substances; it is essential that we address & correct many limitations that currently plague the neo-shamanic community.

Please help me turn to the world platform with this body of work, so that I may offer to our social system a feminine voice & wisdom much needed, as we face & embrace planetary change, from a world of constraint & destruction to one of intuition & intelligent action.

Inspired by wisdom from the women of Standing Rock, this mission is my response to the call to rise as a protector of Gaia & her children.

Standing for Natures Sacraments, Standing as a Voice for the Feminine, Standing for Intuitive & Intelligent healing.”

Please support Maya in her quest to be a voice of the Divine Feminine at these Psychedelic Conferences. https://www.gofundme.com/MayaLarissa?d=143948920

In the second hour, Eilish speaks with Navy Seal Team 9’s wife Eva Moore who goes into detail about the reality of space travel and the secret space program that is centred around Stargates and the military who control them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these Stargates were opened up to civilian tourist travel to the stars?

Eva’s husband William Brockbrader wasn’t only a Navy Seal but also an inventor, having invented a free energy device himself called the Hydroxy generator here’s Bill and his machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDaWhC4EwFw

Eva’s been exploring supporting companies who are at the front lines of feeding these alternative energy resources onwards to conscious consumers of utility companies.

Eva also speaks about her research and support in the Multi Level Marketing company ACN which US President Donald Trump supported in his television series The Apprentice – a little-known fact that he’s supportive of non-fossil fuel, sustainable alternative energy resources and the trend to adopt a less oil-based economy.

She also mentions how Donald Trump’s uncle studied Tesla technologies in a bid to rid the world of oil-based energy consumption:

Donald Trumps Uncle was the MIT electrical genius who inspected Tesla’s secret papers after Teslas death which were rumored to have time travel, alien communication and a deathray beam secrets. from Tesla

Having less reliance on oil and a establishing a support network to help others with their utility consumption with ethical sustainable energy resource based companies will lead to a cleaner, greener kinder world.

Here’s more information about ACN http://gemesquire.acndirect.com/services.asp?CO_LA=US_EN&region=FL