Kevin Annett’s Unrepentant Fraud Part 1


On Monday 9th May 11 pm BST, (Tuesday 8am AEST) Mel Ve and I will coming together for the first time to discuss their former support and why we withdrew our support of ITCCS founder, Kevin Annett after a series of discrepancies and they realised what a Jesuit controlled opposition fraudster he actually is. I wanted to believe in a hero so much that when Alfred Lambremont Webre first brought Kevin Annett into my awareness that I had hoped that he was the hero we had been collectively waiting for to try and arrest the global elite for crimes against humanity.
I really wanted to believe, even in the face of a few warnings from people that he was a Jesuit stooge. When someone gets caught out for being a fraud, cries victim and then keeps scamming people flying the flagship of such an emotive topic as arresting the Pope and Queen and Prince Phillip for Crimes Against Humanity (which includes child trafficking, paedophilia and sacrifice,) in the public’s best interests, we have to call them on their fraud, as soon as we smell a rat – also to save our own credibility for ever having endorsed them. We have to admit that we too, were scammed but we woke up to the scam and seek to protect those that still might believe that this man is here to save us.
I’m not saying the elite paedophile scandals are untrue I’m saying the hero who says he’s doing something about it is a total fraud.
Melani Vermay and I are getting together for the first time live on CCN (Conscious Consumer Network) to discuss how we both worked with Kevin Annett and how we discovered that he was in fact controlled-opposition and conducting a money making scam that we discovered first hand that the fictitious ITCCS is.
In reality there are kids in cages, Satanic child sacrifice is well documented, sex trafficking, snuff films and Royal Belgian naked teenager hunting parties actually do happen according to many solid witnesses but the only good thing Kevin did in this truth movement is bring the reality of it to many people’s awareness and for that aspect at least, I am grateful. What I don’t appreciate is how he tampered with evidence (child bones at the Canadian Residential School), held up children’s belongings dangling them before the cameras for maxim affect, pretended to be several different people, completely fabricated the International Common Law Court in Brussels – it only exists in Kevin Annett’s imagination and I will show evidence of how he asked me to gather and compile evidence against the Pope long after he had announced that the International Common Law Court had heard the evidence in absentia, tried and convicted him and a warrant was out for his arrest. What do these Jesuit cockroaches get out of scamming the people like this? Is it about collecting money from good-willed people who want to see the end of the tyranny against the people on this planet? Is it to waste our time on fruitless ventures that will never bear fruit?
Like the Swissindo scam and the Keshe Foundation, the ITCCS is another time-wasting rabbit hole which will see measured disclosure of actual truth mixed with ineffectual solutions – this is the formula for controlled opposition, to pretend to be doing something so that it can continue.
What is disturbing is that Kevin Annett is relentless about this huge lie despite being denounced by his most avid previous followers, like Alfred Lambremont Webre, Heather Martin, Lydia Whitecalf, Araya Soma, Rachel Kavanagh and countless other witnesses many of whom I’ll mention in our two hour show on Monday night/Tuesday morning. When people discover that the Court in Brussels doesn’t actually exist and that the jurors are all alter-egos of Kevin Annett himself, this misinformant should have just crawled back under the Jesuit hole he crawled out of but to be relentless like this is the definition of a psychopath. Anyway, tune into our expose´ on Monday night London time, 8 am Melbourne time if you need any more proof that this man is not worth investing into.



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