Kevin Annett’s Unrepentant Fraud: Pt2

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We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, Hostess Eilish De Avalon and CCN Creatrix Melani Vermay join forces with two amazing women Rachael Kavanagh and Heather Cryer (Martin) who they’ve had the privilege of working with exposing the fraud that is Kevin Annett, de-frocked Jesuit minister and founder of the fake International Common Law Court of Justice which doesn’t exist in Brussells or anywhere else except in the deluded imagination of the controlled opposition plant himself.

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This is Part 2 of CCN‘s exposé on the man who Eilish (former ITCCS Facebook group admin) once held up as a hero until his lies and deception caught up with him. He’s back promoting his speaking tours ready to take donations for counter measures (such as arresting the Queen, Prince Phillip and the Pope) that don’t exist. The reality is, that there are still kids in cages, children being sacrificed in Elite Satanic cult rituals and children involved sex trafficking and Canadian indigenous families who’ve lost their children in residential schools but unfortunately Kevin Annett cannot be trusted to deliver on his promises.


Rachael Kavanagh
Rachael Kavanagh

Bio for Rachael Kavanagh – Ex mainstream researcher – 60 minutes, Greenstone pictures NZ accredited. Freelance Natural Health researcher. Truther re: the Fukushima disaster, vaccine efficacy and scam artistry. Rachael is currently also an avid campaigner within the natural health arena. Specifically Medical Cannabis. She is the creator of the “De-criminalize Medical Cannabis FB page, De-criminalise Medical Cannabis and campaign leader for those around the globe who which to share their story about the damage NOT having access to MC has done to their lives. She resides in NZ. Sole parent of four boys. And representative of Dr Oxygen – mobile oxygen units. She is also a keen “watcher” with regard to solar weather and Earth quakes.


Heather Cryer (Martin)
Heather Cryer (Martin)

Bio for Heather Martin

Heather was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1970 and relocated to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1990.  There she received a Diploma in Biotechnology and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  Her jobs included vaccine and plant genetics research and she now works at an inner-city hospital in the core of Saskatoon’s most impoverished neighborhood.

Her role as an activist includes having co-authored a position paper on geoengineering, conducted a local and national survey on attitudes surrounding the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic vaccine, organizing speaking engagements in Saskatoon for Richard Gage of AE9/11 Truth and helping to expose Gardasil vaccine use in Canada.

Heather Martin began as a blogger back in 2010 writing about the Bilderberg group, paid protestors and the vaccine industry and learned about Kevin Annett’s film Unrepentant while organizing a local film festival.  It was her early investigations into Kevin Annett’s claims that prompted her to create a new blog entitled Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped.  The blog features nearly 180 entries spanning four years worth of research into the life and work of Kevin D. Annett.  In this time she has documented proof refuting his claims of finding children’s remains at various Indian Residential School grounds in Canada and has challenged Annett to provide proof of many of his claims surrounding the Ninth Circle cult.  The recent U.S. campaign by Annett to start another Tribunal into the murder and disappearance of Native women in Canada combined with his public support of serial killer Robert (Willie) Pickton has renewed her efforts at exposing him as a con-artist and disinformation agent provocateur.

Heather Martin’s websites:


Human Rights Approach on Trans-National Hazardous Envoronmental Programs in 2011 (

Background on William Pickton:

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Kevin Annett published article on Willie Pickton:

Robert Pickton
Robert Pickton

To keep an eye on this fraud, read his latest campaign for notoriety at his website

Kevin Annett the fraud
Kevin your nose is growing
Kevin Annett selling his snake oil dead-end solutions


Mel Ve CCN Creatrix
Mel Ve Conscious Consumer Network’s Creatrix and Producer
Eilish De Avalon, CCN's Hostess of We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For
Eilish De Avalon, CCN’s Hostess of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

Viewers can also watch Part 1 of our Expose from the CCN archives to the first exposé Mel Ve and I did less than two weeks ago here. Here’s the CCN Article for Part 1