Gordon Dunn on Sex Abuse coverups within the Australian Military: Part 2

Airs every Monday 11pm BST
Airs every Monday 11pm BST

This week on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, CCN Hostess Eilish De Avalon interviews Australian Military Whistleblower Gordon Dunn, who appeared on an earlier show a month ago, who continues to bravely blow the lid off the rampant sex abuse and child sex trafficking that occurs within ranks of the Australian military establishment that goes all the way to the top.

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Gordon Sean Dunn, Australian Veteran, Freemason and whistleblower
Gordon Sean Dunn, Australian Veteran, Freemason and whistleblower on Sex Abuse within the Australian Military

Gordon Dunn has a lot to cover in our second interview, including the briefing he and a few other medics received from Military Industrial complex alphabet agencies regarding the impending chemical and biological weapons wars against civilians and how they should prepare themselves.

He also discloses key members of the Australian Freemasonry cult and what they’ve been responsible in covering up both in the Australian military and even the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Gordon will shed like on the fact that Justice James Wood in Australia presided over the Royal Commission into his own paedophile network and how the NSW DPP covered up the repeated rape of a 14 year old special needs girl while in foster care: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3751669/Girl-repeatedly-raped-staff-foster-home-allegedly-covered-New-South-Wales-Government-office.html#ixzz4I00Pn4M8.

Read more about it here.

Gordon will also reveal a law that he found that protects whistleblowers, a must-watch for every aspiring whistleblower who may be held back by fear or threats to their personal safety.

As with our last interview, this promises to be another hard-hitting, evidence-based whistle-blower testimony from a brave man who’s tired of keeping silent, even in the face of a military-sponsored online troll campaign.

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If any other whistleblowers are inspired to come forward please contact this writer on info@eilishdeavalon.com

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