Global Orgasm Day 2017


Last year Conscious Consumer Network‘s Eilish De Avalon got together with a few Tantric Priestesses to bring a great surge of light and awareness to the planet by taking viewers on a journey of preparation for Global Orgasm Day on May 1.

This year to celebrate G.O.D 2017, Eilish returns to CCN after a short break and chats with Priestess of the Goddess, author and sacred sexuality teacher Kerri Ryan and her business partner Melanie Waters-Marsh, to chat about their work in the Order of the Magdelene and how we can harness our body technology and awareness to make a change in the world through subtle energy shifts.

As secret societies and the ruling elite prepare for their Satanic human sacrifice rituals at Bohemian Grove and secret mansions, the priestesses invite viewers to participate in Global Orgasm Day on May Day, which is both a celebration and counter-sexual revolution that we can all participate in solo or with a consort.

Kerri talks about her life as a Magdalene and brings us fascinating new information based on the channelings of Claire Heartsong in her book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, as she tells of the real historical life of Jesus, based on channeling and divine inspirations she’s received and shares anecdotes about her journey in the arena of teaching about sacred sexuality.

Presentation overview

Our show will be in two parts:


This presentation is about sacred sexual energy. What is it, where it came from and how it has the power to provide us with the experience of our unified and expanded state of god/dess hood. It starts with the ancient mother goddesses and then is further refined in the cultures of Mesopotamia around 3500 bce with their more sophisticated fertility rituals known as hieros gamos. From the temples of the Goddess Inanna, the highly trained priestesses known as Sacred Prostitutes would mediate divine transcendent energy through their bodies in the form of physical sexual acts that channelled divinity into the physical. This form of physical prayer was how the mysteries were transmitted from deity to human and provided states of expanded consciousness. In more modern times, these are the tantric practices being taught in the west to those remembering the mysteries and seeking to awaken their potent channel of sexual energy.


The second part of the presentation focuses of the one known as Mary Magdalene and investigates the story that is not told in the Bible. It describes the highly evolved cult known as the Essenes and their mystery practices and teachings, and how Mary and Yeshua belonged to an order known as the Magdalenes who underwent this advanced training. We explore the teachings Mary received in the temples of Isis and the Alchemies of Horus that utilised the very same sacred sexual energy to achieve expanded states of consciousness. It was then as an advanced adept that Mary participated in acts of hieros gamos with Yeshua, performing the integral role of sacred prostitute to prepare his body for the rite of crucifixion and resurrection.

Kerri discusses how sacred sexual energy is the theme that links these transcendent acts throughout history, as the medium that activates the means to enlightenment. But it was the rise of a patriarchal church and its inherent fear of sexual energy that sent these mystery teachings and knowledge it conveyed, deep underground. It’s time for the mysteries to once again be revealed with the awareness that our sexual bodies are inherently sacred and can provide us with the means to experience ourselves as divine.

Global Orgasm Day /G.O.D will feature our interview with Kerri and Melanie LIVE here this coming Monday 11 pm GMT/Tuesday May 2, 8 am AEDT on CCN‘s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For.

Eilish De Avalon
Kerri Ryan
Kerri Ryan
Melanie Waters-Marsh
Melanie Waters-Marsh


The Goddess and the Sacred Feminine has long been Kerri’s passion, fuelled by her disenchantment with patriarchal religions which saw her seek alternative expressions of the divine, immersing herself in the manifold expressions of the new age movement through the 90’s. She became a massage therapist, Seichim channel, Reiki Master, cranio sacral practitioner, a chakra dancer, counsellor and indulger in numerous other healing therapies, but the goddess remained an underlying theme throughout her search for the sacred. Her path has taken her on the following journey:

  • 2005 underwent training to become a Kundalini dance facilitator with Leyolah Antara in Byron Bay.
  • 2005 she travelled to India, spending time in Pune at the Osho Ashram cultivating meditation techniques and further working with awakening the kundalini. On returning to Australia, she facilitated kundalini dance workshops for a number of years
  • 2006, University of Queensland, Brisbane, she commenced her studies for a Masters Degree in Religious Studies.
  • 2006 she joined an Order of Priestess women called the Pomegranate Grove training in Goddess Lore to become an Initiated Priestess of Goddess on the Summer Solstice in December 2007.
  • 20008 She continued her priestess studies and took second level initiation as Hand Maiden of Goddess in 2009 which entailed a personal journey with Goddess Inanna over the entire 13 months, giving her a visceral experience of the sacred prostitute and the power of sacred sexuality as a means of ecstatic mediation between the physical and spiritual realms.
  • At the same time she held the committee post of Promotions Officer for the Goddess Association in Australia (GAIA) and produced the organisation’s newsletters for two years.
  • In 2008 she gained her Masters Degree in Religious Studies writing her thesis on “HIEROS GAMOS: Sacred Sexuality Ancient and Modern. How is sacred sexuality manifesting in a current western milieu and what is the emerging role of the modern day Sacred Prostitute.
  • In 2012 she presented on sacred sexuality at the Goddess Spirit Rising Conference in Malibu, California.
  • Whilst in Los Angeles she met with a Priest of Inanna and with the intention of experiencing the sexual energies that she had studied and written about, engaged in sexual transcendent practices of awakened kundalini to know self as goddess.
  • In 2015 she became a Certified Sexological Bodyworker in order to work deeply and intimately to assist individuals to release the blocks they feel around experiencing their sexual energy.
  • As a speaker Kerri has been interviewed for American and Canadian radio and magazines and presented workshops for numerous organisations including Goddess Association in Australia, School of Shamanic Midwifery, Bayside Red Tent and Women’s Wellbeing and so many others.
  • Kerri is a writer having published numerous articles in national and online magazines and is currently completing her first book on the channelled memories of a past lifetime as a priestess, entitled “Mandipa, Priestess of Ishtar”.
  • She has offered workshops and run training on the following topics:
  • Awakening Your Sacred Pleasure
  • Dance of the Goddess
  • Temple of Aphrodite
  • 13 months Path of the Priestess training – level 1
  • Inanna’s Descent
  • The Goddess and Sacred Sex
  • Shadow of the Dark Goddess
  • Kundalini Dance Workshops
  • Full Moon Dance Events
  • Body Love with the Heart of Kwan Yin
  • A Day with the Magdalene
  • 21 Day Magdalene Sadhana
  • Sacred Womens Business
  • Womb as Wellspring

She currently lives in Uki, just outside Murwillumbah in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. Here as priestess, the temple doors are open, as she offers one on one sessions for clients that cover a range of different healing options, creating tailor-made sacred sessions designed to facilitate the highest outcome. It is her soul purpose to be a channel that mediates between the physical and spirit, facilitating the mysteries and returning the sacred back into the world.

Kerri Ryan

Priestess of Goddess

Star Temple

Order of the Magdalene

+ 61 417 934 788


Melanie Jane Waters-Marsh is a Transformation Coach and Founder of Rock Your World, where she provides dynamic mind, body and spirit coaching to totally transform your world.

Melanie became a transformation expert through massive life changing experiences and hundreds of hours of study. In 2008, her own personal transformation birthed her mission.

Melanie’s mission is to create a world where everyone can reach their full potential, follow their dreams and glow with a healthy radiant light that aligns them with everything they hold dear. Removing their blocks and unconscious drivers. Empowering people to live in the moment, in peace. To be free and let their own light shine bright!

For almost twenty years Melanie worked as an Interior Designer, fifteen of those years as a Senior Interior Designer for a Commercial Office Interior Fitout company. In a male dominated management team, and industry, Melanie helped grow the business from a small enterprise into a $13 million company. Wining the company’s largest contract $1.75 million with the Dept of Defence. Reaching the peak of the fitout business, experiencing the pain of poor health due to the high stress of the executive world, a poor life balance, disconnected from the feminine and finding little fulfilment, in 2011 she realised it was time for serious change.

2011 saw Melanie launch into major study covering all areas of mind, body and spirit:

  • Robbins-Madanes Training – RMT Centre
    • Strategic Intervention Method Coaching
  • Nik Starr Retreats and Sadhana’s – Energy and Goddess Work
  • MAX International College for Fitness Professionals
    • Personal Trainer
    • Diploma of Business
  • Metabolic Precision
    • Level 1 – Metabolic Nutrition
    • Level 2 – Body Transformation Specialist
  • Shaun Clarke Speaker Training
  • One World Academy – Meditation
  • Reiki

and the rebranding of her business to Rock Your World.

Through this Melanie has developed her very own unique style of coaching, dynamically mixing various modalities to aid her clients in totally transforming their world. Her passion is working one on one with clients to do this. “It is an honour and a blessing to do this work.” Melanie says.

In 2016 Melanie formed the ‘Goddess Gathering.’ Continuing her work with women on a group scale. These short courses draw together Women on a Mission to be their own Divine Goddess. For those who want to make the time to feel nourished and loved up, in a beautiful loving environment. At these gatherings, Melanie focuses on the theme of Mind, Body & Spirit; Calm the Mind, Relax the Body and Connect the Spirit and of course some fun!

In 2017 Melanie and Kerri joined forces to birth Star Temple, a project they are currently working on. Two women intent on raising the consciousness of humanity through the Goddess.

When not working on her mission you can find Melanie immersed in painting, making malas or cuddling her Birman Feline Goddess Bella; residing in Brisbane Australia with her husband Brett.

Melanie can be contacted at

Her new website will be up by the end of May 2017