Eilish with Z and Omah: on Standing Rock and True Eldership

Omar: Water Protector
Omah and Z with their infant daughter
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Eilish De Avalon
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Hostess of CCN’s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, Eilish De Avalon, interviews one of CCN‘s newest Broadcasters, Z, who has his own show on the Network Cognosis: Finding The Others along with his partner Omah, who has recently signed up to become a Water Protector. 

Eilish, Z, Mel Ve and other notables have started networking together with behind the scenes with the endeavour to establish some eldership in the Family of Alternative Media and how to handle major issues that confront us.

We not only look at the literal players on the scene today but discuss the nature of the players that could in fact be pulling the strings inter dimensionally both in politics as well as through various mainstream and alternative media outlets.

We discuss modern eldership and leadership and explore shamanic and tribal ways of handling conflict and what it really means to uphold such responsibility.

Z’s partner Omah also joins us as a Water Protector and gives us a heads up at just what is really happening at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota in response to the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Please join us for this cerebrally and spiritually nourishing two hour show which starts Monday 11 pm GMT, Tuesday 10 am AEDT, Monday 6 pm East Coast on https://livestream.com/accounts/10784589/CCNLIVE