Eilish De Avalon & Tanishka Tantrika on Positive Sex Magick


On Monday 25th April 2016 11 pm BST (Tuesday 26th April, 8 am) Eilish De Avalon from We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For introduces her Priestess Initiator and Sacred Sexuality Educator Tanishka Tantrika about her upcoming UK tour to Glastonbury.

Tanishka is the founder of the Sacred Feminine Mystical School of the Star of Ishtar and actually ordained Eilish De Avalon as a Pagan Priestess in 2004.

In this deliciously empowering and inspiring two hour show they will speak about

– the power of love & sex to change the world

– how porn is a form of black magic

– the global link up for the Venus conjunction on June 5

– Seeking game changers for the Alchemy of Love event in Glastonbury

– the power of new moon: global call to action and Tanishka will be sharing her sacred wisdom in the upcoming CCN special televised event GOD: Global Orgasm Day.

Here is Tanishka’s link for her upcoming UK Speaking Tour,


Alchemy of Love Global Sacred Ceremony Link

Tanishka Tantrika
Tanishka Tantrika


Here is the link for the show that has now been archived:


CCN Live


Links to buy her books:

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Tanishka is a best selling author of 4 books with over half a million followers of her daily guidance as Facebook’s ‘Moon Woman’. A former stand-up comedienne, she is a dynamic & entertaining speaker who has spent 20 years as a teacher of ancient wisdom and kundalini awakening practices.

As part of her passion for positive social change, she has trained women in 36 countries to facilitate empowering women’s gatherings every month as a community building initiative.

In 2015 she launched her latest book, ‘The 28 Day Happy Challenge’ as a not-for-profit project to raise awareness and funds for theArt2Healing project who rehabilitate women & children who are survivors of the sex trafficking.

Tanishka Tantrika: Author, Teacher & Speaker
Website: www.tanishka.net
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NFP: www.28dayhappychallenge.com
Ph. +61 407 369 857