Eilish De Avalon & Eve Lorgen on milabs, mind control & spiritual warfare

Airs every Monday 11pm BST
Airs every Monday 11pm BST

On this week’s upcoming episode of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, CCN hostess, Eilish De Avalon interviews Eve Lorgen on milabs (military abductions), mind control and spiritual warfare, and what’s afflicting the world today both on planet and off-planet.

Please tune in to this fascinating two hour show with Eve who is a dynamic researcher, author and hypnotherapist.

When: The show airs live on Conscious Consumer Network every Monday 11 pm British Summer Time, Monday 3 pm West Coast time, 5 pm US East Coast time & Tuesday 8 am Australian Eastern Standard time.

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Eve Lorgen, MA
Eve Lorgen, MA

Eve Lorgen, MA

Eve Lorgen is a dedicated certified clinical hypnotherapist, anomalous trauma and alien abductions researcher. She is a long time practitioner of Hatha yoga with additional studies in Oriental Medicine, Taoism, shamanism and martial arts. She began her pioneering work with alien abductees while earning her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1992. She also holds a BS in Biochemistry and worked in the Biotechnology industry for 7 years. Eve facilitated a support group in 1994 in San Diego County, CA for experiencers of anomalous trauma and continues to consult with anomalous trauma clients worldwide today while living in Western North Carolina. She was a close associate of the late Barbara Bartholic and is dedicated in continuing and expanding the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner.

Anomalous Trauma is defined as traumatic events that are out of the normal range of human experience. These experiences may include alien abductions, near death experiences, shamanic initiations, military abductions (milabs), mind control, spiritual warfare, psychic attacks, cult involvement and narcissistic abuse. Early on in her career counseling alien abductees, she discovered a plethora of unusual experiences that often accompanied those who reported alien encounters and milabs. The most prominent aspect of Eve’s consulting and support is with those who are experiencing some form of paranormal orchestrated love relationship issues, or what she calls “the love bite”.

The love bite is a misunderstood and highly taboo aspect of the alien abduction experience: alien engineering of human love relationships and manipulation of abductees’ lives. However, as more people have come forward to share their unusual “orchestrated love relationships”, Eve discovered that this is not exclusive to the “alien abductee subpopulation” and is much more widespread.

Eve authored, “The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships”, (ELogos & HHC Press, 2000) and The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affair, the Supernatural and Energy Vampirism (Dolan Press, 2012) and is a contributing author to all three volumes of the Universal Seduction by Angelico Tapestra.

Eve Lorgen has written numerous articles internationally on all aspects of Anomalous Trauma. Many of her articles have been printed in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Croatian. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and independent film documentaries such as Monsters and Mysteries in America.

Her web site is http://www.evelorgen.com

Eilish De Avalon Hostess of We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For
Eilish De Avalon Hostess of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For