Earthimagineers: Dan Schreiber presents earth-friendly solutions.


Earthimagineers: Designing & growing harmonic solutions for planetary balance.

Dan Schreiber
Dan Schreiber

‘The success of a culture is bound to their relationship with light, soil
 and love. Indeed it can be measured by how well the culture traps light and 
how it uses that trapped living energy to enrich all life on earth’. Daniel Schreiber, Founder Earthimagineers.

It’s easy for people to point out what is going wrong with our planet, fewer can see solutions and a handful can clearly articulate how to manifest those ideas and concepts that will bring the planet back into balance.

Earthimagineers use a number of level technologies to create large changes with minimum effort, the way nature does.

In this episode of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For, we invited Byron Bay’s Starseed Gardens’ founder, Dan Schreiber back again.

Dan returned to CCN after a resounding response last time and spoke with CCN Show Hostess, Eilish De Avalon offering a great presentation covering:


true solar economies,

3D solar sand printer,

HIPI – Harmonic Integrated Produce Initiative,

Enormous – harmonic plant growth enhancers

and other novel Biomimicry ideas and technologies that enrich all life on Earth as opposed to develop one part at the expense of all others.

Here is the Archived video showing Earthimagineers which aired on CCN


Dan Schreiber Owner of Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay
Dan Schreiber
Owner of Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay


Creative Director, Starseed Gardens in Byron Bay New South Wales, Australia, since 2005. Gardener, visionary, father, inspirational storyteller, speaker and lecturer.

His most recent direction is exploring systems of perpetual renewal and designing human interfaces to enable harmonic human communication, relationship and custodianship of the natural world. Dan is a professional photographer, videographer and multimedia producer. He is a self-taught herbal healer, ecologist and landscape gardener with a forte for creative direction and vision. His work with organic plant growth enhancers is on the cutting edge of increasing plant and soil biota health to support the flowering of human awareness via vibrational nutrition.

Eilish De Avalon, CCN's Hostess of We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For
Eilish De Avalon, CCN’s Hostess of We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For