ARCHIVE: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for – Eilish De Avalon talks to Maha Shakti Everlasting


We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For‘s Eilish De Avalon interviews Queen Maha Shakti Everlasting about the travel embargo banning non essential travel to North Carolina, the  numerous stars that have cancelled their performances in the state, the coloured dots on letter boxes and street signs, the ominous warning signs including the military bases that have been established within the Walmart Buildings and the martial law that the powers that were are implementing across America.

Queen Maha implores the women to “stop their bitching and start their witching” and work consciously with the magic that we all have inside us.

Queen Maha and Eilish are also the co-founders of Facebook’s  The Official Sex & Spirit Group and Maha also manages the page The Church of the Dark Mother. It has been decided, this year’s Global Orgasm Day is May 1. GOD: Global Orgasm Day is the event that has been created and is being promoted on both The Official Sex & Spirit Group page as well as The Church of the Dark Mother. Queen Maha Everlasting and her husband Nagesh El appeared on the show talking about bringing all that is debauched and profane back into the sacred, reminding people about the Divinity within us all. We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For screened this interview live on Monday 6 pm North Carolina time (Monday 11 pm British Summer time, or Tuesday 8 am Melbourne Australian Eastern Standard time) on  discussing our changing times, educating and empowering the people and it’s also live on Youtube too for those that want to watch us from there. For those that missed out on the live feed, here is the link to our two hour information packed archived show.

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