The Ten Commandments (Pateo TV Episode #7: Feb. 19, 2015)


In this seventh live broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp explains the essence of the Ten Commandments. The current wordings of these Commandments are not very helpful in understanding the true meaning of these ten directives. However, thanks to Wholly Science, Johan has been able to reveal the original wordings of these Ten Commandments. In this episode of Pateo TV, host Johan will not only give these correct wordings, he will also fully explain each of these Ten Commandments.


You are recommended to first have watched all previous episodes of Pateo TV, as this seventh episode on the Ten Commandments builds on the six previous ones :

  1. The Clock of Giza (link)
  2. Introduction to Astrotheology (link)
  3. The Creation (link)
  4. Covert Symbolism (link)
  5. Myth Busting (link)
  6. Mayan Calendars (link)

This seventh episode of Pateo TV was also broadcast in Dutch :


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