The Creation (Pateo TV Episode #3: Jan. 22, 2015)


In this third broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp scientifically explained the meaning of “The Creation” as described in the first chapter of both the Bible and the Torah. Most people falsely assume that the original version of this first chapter was written in Hebrew, about 2500 years ago. However, the truth is that this remarkably whole story was originally written in cuneiform, probably about 5000 years ago. In order to understand the correct structure of the Book of Genesis, we need to understand the meaning of the key word “Toledoth”, as explained in the book “Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis” by P.J. Wiseman. After first explaining the revealing work of this researcher, which was continued by his son Professor of Assyriology at the University of London, Dr. D.J. Wiseman, Dr. Oldenkamp presented the scientific meaning of this ancient story. Anyone who fully understands this meaning will know that “The Creation” is all about pure Science!


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This third episode of Pateo TV on The Creation is also broadcast in Dutch:


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