Pateo TV with Kelvin Abraham on Tetryonics


TetryonicsSaturday October 31, 2015, starting at 11 a.m. Central European Time:

Pateo TV with Kelvin Abraham on Tetryonics

Wholly Science shows that physics and metaphysics are two sides of the same coin. Where Johan H. Oldenkamp started from metaphysics and worked his way towards physics, the Australian researcher Kelvin C. Abraham followed the opposite approach. After eight years of intensive research, Kelvin was able to develop a geometric model of the physical reality at its most fundamental level. This model not only explains all known characteristics of all known subatomic particles, as well as all atomic elements, its also enables us to correct several mistakes of contemporary university physics. Key to this model are the two-dimensional equilateral triangle and the three-dimensional tetrahedron. He therefore named it ‘Tetryonics’.

In this video interview of Pateo TV, host Johan started by presenting the metaphysical basics of Tetryonics. Next, Kelvin continued by showing the geometry of the subatomic particles and the elements. As Tetryonics is fully consistent with Wholly Science, Tetryonics is presented here as an essential application of Wholly Science:


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