Pateo TV with Dan Davidson on Aetheric Science


Aetheric_ScienceIn his books, Dan A. Davidson shows how shapes manipulate the Aether, which corresponds to the underlying energy field which permeates all space and time. It was a huge blunder of the leading university physicists of the previous century to erroneously conclude that the Aether allegedly did not exist. More and more contemporary physicists now realize this. Dan uses the concept of “Shape Power” to refer to this shape-based Aether manipulation. His revealing work on Shape Power fits beautifully within the overall scientific and spiritual paradigm of Wholly Science, founded by host Johan Oldenkamp.

In this live broadcast of Pateo TV, special guest Dan will explain Shape Power as a subset of Aetheric Science. In this, he will define the Aether, and give a review of Shape Power. Next, he will present Aetheric Science as the new scientific frontier, including several interesting examples, all showing the programmable universe. Dan will start this video interview on Pateo TV by telling why he got involved into all this. For more background information on Shape Power, read the article on Shape-based Aether Dynamics, and also watch the videos embedded in that article