Parasitic Archons (Pateo TV Episode #10: June 11, 2015)


ArchonsParasitic Archons. In 1945, in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi, just north of Luxor, a jar was found containing 13 leather-bound books, including in total 52 texts. The pages of these original books were made of papyrus, and the texts were written in Coptic.  It turned out that these were Gnostic writings.

The Greek word gnosis literally means “knowledge” or “understanding”. Gnosticism shows that higher knowledge is the door to real freedom, just like Wholly Science does. However, any practitioner of Gnosticism did not call himself a Gnostic, but a Telestes, which literally means “one with a purpose”. People who knew the truth of Gnosticism were “aimed” people, meaning: people with a long-term focus. They all had an overall goal in their life that came from within.

Apart from revealing the essence of true spirituality, these genuine Gnostic books also reveal the existence of intruding creatures named “Archons”. These inorganic beings do not live in the physical world, which Wholly Science calls the Shadow World. They live in the world on the other side of the so-called veil, which Wholly Science calls the Proto World. The Proto World is the world of the life energies, named Chi, Ki, Prana, Orgone, Vril, and Mana by our ancestors from all over this planet. Nowadays, university scientism has no clue what these life energies really are. However, the Archons know this perfectly well, for they require negative life energies as their food.

In this episode of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp fully exposes the practices of these parasitic Archons and their human helpers.


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