Mayan Calendars (Pateo TV Episode #6: Feb. 12, 2015)


In this sixth live broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan Oldenkamp explains the essence of the most important Mayan calendars. He will start by explaining the key principles of the authentic Tzol’kin calendar of the Maya, not to be confused with the invented Dreamspell calendar. Next, he will explain that the so-called Long Count Calendar of the Maya is actually one of nine nested calendar systems which he collectively refers to as the Tzol’tun. While the Tzol’kin calendar counts every natural day as a unit (Tzol means ‘counting’ and kin means ‘whole day’), the Tzol’tun calendar counts full circles of each 360 days (such a full circle was named a Tun by the ancient Maya).


You are recommended to first have watched all previous episodes of Pateo TV, as this sixth episode on the Mayan calendars builds on the previous ones :

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This sixth episode of Pateo TV was also broadcast in Dutch :

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