Introduction to Astrotheology (Pateo TV Episode #2: Jan. 15, 2015)


Astrotheology shows that the logic of the Creator is written in the stars. The word ‘astro’ originated from Greek and refers to the stars. Next, the word ‘theos’, also originating from Greek, refers to the overall Creator, also named as God. Thirdly, the word ‘logos’, again originating from Greek, refers to the logic. In short, “the stars show the logic of God” is the literal meaning of Astrotheology.

In our day and age, scholars like Jordan Maxwell, Bill Donahue, Santos Bonacci, and Michael Tsarion have done great jobs in sharing their understanding of Astrotheology, allthough not everything they have shared was true. In this second broadcast of Pateo TV, host Johan explained the essence of Astrotheology from the Wholly Science point of view.


You are recommended to first watch the previous episode of Pateo TV, as this second episode on Astrotheology builds on it :

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This second episode of Pateo TV on Astrotheology is also broadcast in Dutch:


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