Herbal Knowledge Keepers episode 5 “Herbalism Through Space and Time; with Anne Merrill in Berlin”


Hour 1: We take you on a tour of the development of Western Herbalism beginning with ancient Egypt. Does the herbalism of bygone eras matter to us today? Why retrace our steps when we can simply pick up the works of contemporary herbalists?

Hour 2: Anne Merrill joins us from Berlin to compare her experience of herbalism in Germany with the United States where she trained.


Anne Merrill is an herbalist, bodyworker and teacher. In 2006, she was honored to be a member of Michael Moore’s last class. She continues Moore’s lineage by working to evolve a fresh and iconoclastic Western herbalism, synthesizing and communicating information from many sources. While living in Austin, TX, she wrote the curriculum for the Anatomy and Physiology portion of the classes at The Sacred Journey School of Herbal Wisdom, and founded the Texas Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild. She now lives in Berlin, Germany, where she is working to found the Berlin Herb Studio, a collective space for herbal manufacture and education. You can reach her and read her blog via www.annelouisemerrill.com

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D’Coda Grannywoman, last in a line of Ozark Choctaw Grannywomen, will host the show with Blue Star Deerwomon. D’Coda is an internationally recognized herbalist and director of the Ozark Herbal Academy in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Learn more about her work at ozarkherbalacademy.org

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