DRAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 3 | episode 11 | 10 May 2016 @ 7pm GMT


RAGONOLOGY with Mel Ve | season 3 | episode 11 | 10 May 2016 @ 7pm GMT – What an information packed season this has been, as we draw closer to the end of season 3.

Episode 11 of DRAGONOLOGY deals with the subject of SUBSTITUTION, CHANGELINGS, AVATARS and POSSESSION.  As usual, there is no shortage of dragon symbolism and etymology leaving clues for us to discover in our attempts to decipher the deception of the dragon.

The search for lost worlds and ancient cultures is my particular area of speciality, and following on from my recent discovery of the oldest and largest lost civilisation to yet be identified, we are trying to raise funds for the making of the documentary detailing this amazing discovery.  Please support our work by donating or purchasing a copy of DRAGONOLOGY book 1 – SPELL BREAKER

Thank you to all who follow this work, and continue to learn from it.  After season 3, we will be writing DRAGONOLOGY book II – CULTUS

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve