COGNOSIS: FINDING THE OTHERS with Z | Episode 1 | 13 September 2016



ON CCN: FINDING THE OTHERS with Z | 13 September 2016 @ 10pm BST –

From the inside out, I emanate now as a being through the frequency that in written form takes the shape of the letters, xabnondax, a word when spoken, emits the sound which comes closest to that which corresponds to the energy that represents the inner most essence of me. And that itself is most typically simplified and compacted into the root sound, Z.

From the original core center of primordial existence to the center of Central Connecticut and the American, North East, I have been working diligently for the establishment of wholeness for all beings, throughout the course of all epocs.

In the current context of this epoc’s packaging, I have exhibited as a child intuitive prodigy, born to bloodline covert royals. Born specifically of the house of hanover and hapsberg(via Rothschild) joined in the vat of Kaiser Wilhelm”s bloody baph cult, in a lasting fusion.

Child clone opperative. Cybergenetic research subject. Biblical Scholar, Shaman, Alchemist, Talmudically Educated, Vedically and Kabalistically initiated.

A spirit-directed Servant-Leader, eternally devoted to vigilantly traverse and shepard the path, to protect and restore order to The Realm; and particularly presciently at present, as the Kingdom of Heaven comes forth; blossoming anew, emerging once again to a recalibrated state of ToTaLLiTy and unfiltered focus, having peeled back and lifted off aeons of vieled cloaking.

Depth of topics covered will be consumate. While broadcasting on a multitude of bands strands and strata simultaneously; we will venture to increase CoHESIoN and cultivate COGNOSIS.